QuickTime VR Panorama - Private Residence

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Gary Jenanyan

Culinary Consulting

and Design

Click and drag - around, up & down - in the QuickTime VR (QTVR) window above to rotate your view point. Note: QuickTime 7 plug-in required. Windows users please click here to download the QT7 plug-in.

There are interactive areas called “hotspots” in the panorama. Your cursor will change to a small arrow when over a hotspot. Clicking on these hotspots will show you different still images of the scene above. Click the large arrow in the lower right corner of the still image to return to the panorama.

Clicking the “Hotspot button” in the QTVR window’s control bar will display these interactive areas as blue rectangles. These rectangles serve as a visual guide - they do not have to be displayed for the hotspots to work.




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